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Publications about research, achievements and discoveries related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Last publications:
Weak-to-strong generalization

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DALL·E 3 system card

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Last publications:
Large Language Models are Efficient Learners of Noise-Robust Speech Recognition

YuChen Hu, Chen Chen, Huck Yang, Ruizhe Li, Chao Zhang, Pin-Yu Chen, EnSiong Chng

Point-Cloud Completion with Pretrained Text-to-image Diffusion Models

Yoni Kasten Ohad Rahamim (Bar-Ilan University) Gal Chechik

Convolutional State Space Models for Long-Range Spatiotemporal Modeling

Jimmy T. H. Smith (Stanford University) Shalini De Mello Jan Kautz Scott Linderman (Stanford University) Wonmin Byeon

Last publications:
Personalization of CTC-based End-to-End Speech Recognition Using Pronunciation-Driven Subword Tokenization

Zhihong Lei, Ernie Pusateri, Michael Han, Leo (Siri) Liu, Mingbin Xu, Tim Ng, Zhen Huang, Ruchir Travadi, Darien Zhang, Mirko Hannemann, Man-Hung Siu

Last publications:
Simulation and Retargeting of Complex Multi-Character Interactions

Yunbo Zhang, Deepak Gopinath, Yuting Ye, Jessica Hodgins, Greg Turk, Jungdam Won

Reasoning over Public and Private Data in Retrieval-Based Systems

Simran Arora, Patrick Lewis, Angela Fan, Jacob Kahn, Christopher Ré

Fully-Binarized Distance Computation based On-device Few-Shot Learning for XR applications

Vivek Parmar, Sandeep Kaur Kingra, Syed Shakib Sarwar, Ziyun Li, Barbara De Salvo, Manan Suri

Amazon Science

Last publications:
Turn-taking and backchannel prediction with acoustic and large language model fusion

Jinhan Wang, Long Chen, Aparna Khare, Anirudh Raju, Pranav Dheram, Di He, Minhua Wu, Andreas Stolcke, Venkatesh Ravichandran

Real-time stereo speech enhancement with spatial-cue preservation based on dual-path structure

Masahito Togami, Jean-Marc Valin, Karim Helwani, Ritwik Giri, Umut Isik, Mike Goodwin

Stability AI

Last publications:
Scalable High-Resolution Pixel-Space Image Synthesis with Hourglass Diffusion Transformers

Katherine Crowson, Stefan Andreas Baumann, Alex Birch, Tanishq Mathew Abraham, Daniel Z. Kaplan, Enrico Shippole

Adversarial Diffusion Distillation

Axel Sauer Dominik Lorenz Andreas Blattmann Robin Rombach

Stable Video Diffusion: Scaling Latent Video Diffusion Models to Large Datasets

Andreas Blattmann* Tim Dockhorn* Sumith Kulal* Daniel Mendelevitch Maciej Kilian Dominik Lorenz Yam Levi Zion English Vikram Voleti Adam Letts Varun Jampani Robin Rombach